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SWR10.P1-ENT-Trick Roping-Kyle Lamon-0269SWR10.P1-ENT-Trick Roping-Kyle Lamon-0274SWR10.P1-ENT-Trick Roping-Kyle Lamon-0275SWR10.P1-ENT-Trick Roping-Kyle Lamon-0277SWR10.P1-ENT-Trick Roping-Kyle Lamon-0278SWR10.P1-ENT-Trick Roping-Kyle Lamon-0280SWR10.P1-ENT-Trick Roping-Kyle Lamon-0281SWR10.P1-ENT-Trick Roping-Kyle Lamon-0284.2SWR10.P1-ENT-Trick Roping-Kyle Lamon-0284SWR10.P1-ENT-Trick Roping-Kyle Lamon-0286SWR10.P1-ENT-Trick Roping-Kyle Lamon-0290SWR10.P1-ENT-Trick Roping-Kyle Lamon-0303SWR10.P1-ENT-Trick Roping-Kyle Lamon-0325SWR10.P1-ENT-Trick Roping-Kyle Lamon-0329SWR10.P1-ENT-Trick Roping-Kyle Lamon-0332SWR10.P1-ENT-Trick Roping-Kyle Lamon-0355SWR10.P1-ENT-Trick Roping-Kyle Lamon-0371SWR10.P1-ENT-Trick Roping-Kyle Lamon-0375SWR10.P1-ENT-Trick Roping-Kyle Lamon-0377SWR10.P1-ENT-Trick Roping-Kyle Lamon-0384