PLEASE NOTE: Due to the sheer volume of images captured at the 5th Annual Sweetheart Classic, images in this Event Gallery HAVE NOT been edited and are preview proofs only (as-is/straight out of camera). All images ordered WILL BE EDITED in accordance to my professional standards (i.e. color, composition, crop) as part of my order fulfillment process. Please allow 3-5 business days for order processing.
DISCLAIMER: Some runs within a round may not have been photographed (due to battery change, changing position, etc.).

PLEASE DO NOT SCREENSHOT IMAGES...hence the watermark on all images in the galleries. Screenshotting images from a photographer's website isn't cool.

Have questions about your images? Please shoot me an email. THANK YOU!!
SHC5 Perf3 Breakaway Roping - Round 1SHC5 Perf3 Breakaway Roping - Round 2SHC5 Perf3 Breakaway Roping - Short Go