Contestants...if you are looking for your images for the 2023 Rodeo Season and I haven't already messaged you regarding your gallery for a specific rodeo, please submit your image request using the link below. THANK YOU!!


** PLEASE NOTE!!! Due to the number of contestants and the volume of images per contestant, in order to make your preview galleries available to you quicker, the images in YOUR gallery might not YET be edited/retouched. When you place your order, your selections WILL BE edited/retouched. THANK YOU for your understanding and patience!

~ Alysia Hargus Photography
MCR12 - Abbi Harrison *MCR12 - Adam Jones Jr. *MCR12 - Adam Jones Sr.MCR12 - Aleah McKenzie *MCR12 - Andrew Turpin *MCR12 - Braden Smith_KT Hamilton *MCR12 - Braylee Barnard *MCR12 - Bronwyn Ashley *MCR12 - Bryson Terrell *MCR12 - Carson Cameron_Blake Day *MCR12 - Chance CrossMCR12 - Chase Cain_Blake Day *MCR12 - Cheyenne Coleman *MCR12 - Cole WatkinsMCR12 - Cole Watkins_Craig Thompson *MCR12 - Crystal Trisdale *MCR12 - Daryl Matthews_Dylan Gilbert *MCR12 - Destony Scroggins *MCR12 - Elly Whitesell *MCR12 - Emma Orozco *MCR12 - Ethan PatrickMCR12 - Gabe GarnerMCR12 - Hayden PhippsMCR12 - Jasmin Bakri *MCR12 - Jerica HalliburtonMCR12 - Jessica Brown *MCR12 - Josh Hightower_Cooper Rich *MCR12 - Josh Hightower_Scotty Hesmith *MCR12 - Josie Thompson *MCR12 - Julie CoxMCR12 - Julie Thomas *MCR12 - Karli Benton *MCR12 - Kasa Bolin *MCR12 - Kate Scott *MCR12 - Keith Lawson *MCR12 - Kenzie Bohannon *MCR12 - Kimberly Harris *MCR12 - Kyla MatthewsMCR12 - Lacey Thompson *MCR12 - Lane BreedingMCR12 - Laney Amour *MCR12 - Lanson Gallagher *MCR12 - Lindsey Hughes *MCR12 - Logan Moore_Dylan Gilbert *MCR12 - Madelyn Richeson *MCR12 - Madilyn McKinney *MCR12 - Makayla Harrison *MCR12 - Mallory Andrews *MCR12 - Mandie Tipton *MCR12 - Matt Thomas *MCR12 - Morgan Larkin *MCR12 - Paul Wanner *MCR12 - Seth RogersMCR12 - Stacy Benton_Craig Thompson *MCR12 - Taylor Estep *MCR12 - Wyatt Kent *