Q:        When will action shots from the event be online?

A:        I do my best to get action images uploaded to the website as quickly as possible.  I shoot an average of 3000+ frames for a regular season pro rodeo, and much more at rodeo finals events. All images are professionally edited before they are uploaded to the website.  I generally focus on event winners/leaders first and event wrap-up images required by the event producers.  For pro rodeos, it is best to contact me directly following the event with your image request/inquiry so that I know you are interested in seeing your images.  I work on images in order the requests are received.  The sooner I hear from you, the better!


Q:        How can I find my pictures?

A:        For most events, images include the event and/or contestant name in the file name and are also keyworded with athlete or contestant name so they can be searched on my website.  You can use the IMAGE SEARCH menu to search for your images (use your first and last name).  If you cannot find your images for your specific event/event class, please shoot me a message!  Also, you can browse the Event Galleries by event name and event class.


Q:        Can I use an image if it has your watermark on it?

A:        No! It is considered stealing, even if you purchased the image as a print.  It is okay, however, to share one of my Social Media Posts to your social media (i.e. Facebook or Instagram) as long as the post itself is shared.  There are digital Social Sharing Personal Lic and Hi Res Image w/Print Use versions available for purchase.


Q:        Can I make a screenshot of an image I see on your website or social media?

A:        No! Taking a screenshot of an image on my website or social media page and using them for your use is considered stealing.  Digital images are available for purchase and watermarks are removed at the time of purchase. 


Q:        How can I get a digital copy for online / social sharing use for my Facebook or Instagram?

A:        Yes! The Social Sharing Personal Lic version is available for purchase and is best for social sharing.  There are also digital image packages for 5 or more images to get a per-image price break.  This version is not suitable for printing.


Q:        Can I print my own photos from digital images I purchased?

A:        Yes, as long as you purchased a Hi Res Image w/Print Use version.  The Social Sharing Personal Lic version is not suitable for printing.  I partner with professional print labs so that you can purchase directly from the website galleries.  I cannot guarantee the resulting image if printed at a retail print processing center (ie. Walmart, Walgreens, etc.).


Q:        Can I use your photo in a magazine, newspaper, or poster?

A:        Yes, as long as you have purchased the High Resolution (Hi Res Image w/Print Use) or commercial use file, then you are good-to-go.  If you already purchased a Social Sharing Personal Lic copy or a print, then you’ll want a High Resolution copy, as well.  If you have not yet purchased a High Resolution or commercial license copy, you can do so at any time when shopping online.  Watermarked digital images cannot be used for this purpose (not matter how small the watermark)!


Q:        What is the difference between Personal Use license and a Commercial Use license?

A:        A Personal Use License is for your personal use.  For example, to post to your personal (not business) social media page, to use as a wallpaper for your mobile device, or to display a print in your home.  A Commercial Use License is required when the image is going to be use in a publication, an article, contest entry, event or promotional poster or in any manner in which selling a product or service is the intention.  Commercial Licensing rates are negotiated on a case by case basis.