PLEASE NOTE: Due to the sheer volume of images captured at the 5th Annual Sweetheart Classic, images in this Event Gallery HAVE NOT been edited and are preview proofs only (as-is/straight out of camera). All images ordered WILL BE EDITED in accordance to my professional standards (i.e. color, composition, crop) as part of my order fulfillment process. Please allow 3-5 business days for order processing.
DISCLAIMER: Some runs within a round may not have been photographed (due to battery change, changing position, etc.). Additionally, SOME key moments of action may have been missed on some the team roping runs (i.e. head catches, heel catches) if a roper/horse happened to pass in front of me at the very moment of peak action. I tried my best to capture as many moments as possible for headers and heelers.
PLEASE DO NOT SCREENSHOT IMAGES...hence the watermark on all images in the galleries. Screenshotting images from a photographer's website isn't cool.
Have questions about your images? Please shoot me an email. THANK YOU!!
SHC5 Perf2 The Wild One - Round 1SHC5 Perf2 The Wild One - Round 2SHC5 Perf2 The Wild One - Round 3SHC5 Perf2 The Wild One - Short Go